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Wheel Alignment & Tracking
Over time driving over speed bumps, potholes or kerb can knock your wheel alignment out. By not having this checked out, this can lead to uneven wear on your tyres. In most cases you will feel you car pulling to either the right or the left side.

Depending on the extent of how bad it is, it can lead to an increase in fuel consumption, and your tyres can wear down at lot sooner than normal.

Are you facing the above conditions while driving?

Here at Walthamstow Village Garage we have one of the lowest priced wheel alignment prices around.

Our price for front wheel axle alignment is only £30.00 +vat.

Most standard cars only need front wheel alignment only, but on some modern and particular makes and model such as BMW, Audi, Landrover we can also align the rear axles also.

We use the latest computerised technology to bring your wheel alignment as per your car manufactuers guidlines.

Correct wheel alignment also ensures that the tyres are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. It also means that on a straight road you car will travel in a striaght line.

By carrying out Wheel Alignment also known as tracking it can help with even tyre wear, and making sure that you get the longest use of your tyres.

Safety aspects wise its also essential to get your wheels properly aligned as you will feel more in control,better road handling and a smoother ride.

What We Do
When we carry out the wheel alignment, we print out a before and after report showing you the outcome and difference when the tracking has been corrected.
We will also carry out a FREE tyres health and safety check during the wheel alignment.

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Computerised Wheel Alignment

  • We use the latest high tech computerised checking equipment
  • Clear reporting of before and after print out
  • We will align and adjust to car manufacturers original specification
  • While U Wait Service – Approx 30- 50 mins
  • A lot more accuracy than conventional methods
  • FREE tyres health check

Toe Alignment

  • Toe mesasurement is a measurement of how much your wheels are turned in or out from a straight position
  • Our computerised equipment can test the toe alignment on the front and also on the rear wheels
  • It easy to tell if your toe alignment is out. The common case of the car pulling to either the right or left side

Camber Alignment

  • In simple terms the camber is the vertical tilt of the wheel
  • Your tyres will wear out excessively on one edge if the camber is out
  • If the camber is different from one wheel to another it can cause your vehicle to pull on either the left or right side
  • Not all cars can have their camber adjusted, we will inform you when you bring the car in to us if the camber is misaligned and if it can be brought back to manufacturers specification. It can also indicate that something is worn or bent and needs further inspection

Caster Alignment

  • Caster alignment is simply the angle of the steering pivot when being viewed from the side of your vehicle
  • Caster misalignment has more to do with steering ability than effecting tyre wear
  • If the Caster is misaligned it can usually cause problems in straight line tracking

For 4×4 and specialist vehicles costs may very. Please give us a call to get an exact quote.

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