Car Servicing, MOT Testing and Car Repair Leytonstone

Car Servicing Leytonstone

Are you experiencing problems with your car brakes? Have you noticed funny sounds emanating from your exhaust system? It might be more serious than you think. At Car Servicing Garages Leytonstone, we are always available to ensure we save our customers from such worries. Our extensive range of car servicing Leytonstone service is tailored towards ensuring full client satisfaction. Our various car repair packages start from basic brake fitting services to complicated repairs involving the car engines.

You will know you are in need of full car servicing repair Leytonstone services when your car exhaust system produces weird sounds. It also becomes necessary getting in touch with our professionals when you suspect slight engine technicalities. Our highly trained car technicians have always been willing to offer perfect Ford car servicing Leytonstone services to the wide range of clients in east London. You can therefore get in touch with us when you need any of these services.


Our fully equipped, state of the art car servicing and MOT testing garage is based in

28 Ravenswood Road
E17 9LY

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car servicing Leytonstone


MOT Testing Services Leytonstone

It is important for your vehicle to comply with the Ministry of Transport requirements. Carrying out annual MOT testing Services ensure that your vehicle is safe. You need a valid MOT certificate to renew your road tax. At Walthamstow Village Garage, we take special interest in professional MOT testing Leytonstone services. Our experts will take your car through a comprehensive inspection, including the interior, exterior, the bonnet, and even the engine parts. Booking a date with the experts at our MOT test centre Leytonstone is easy. Just get online and schedule a date that best suits you.

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MOT testing Leytonstone

Car Repairs Leytonstone

Our reliable car servicing repair Leytonstone services include the repair and replacements of steering. We would not want to imagine you going through the nightmare of faulty suspension system and steering. All you need to do is give us a call and we will become the answer of your necessary diagnostic and car repair services. Our experts have done it several times in the past, doing it again for you will be our pleasure.

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Car Repairs Leytonstone